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Mornings aren’t the easiest. Sometimes it’s hard to pull yourself out of bed, and no cup of coffee can give you that extra boost you need to help you get through the day. Fortunately for cannabis users in Los Angeles, the Original Cannabis Cafe exists for this purpose.

Perched on the corner of North La Brea and Lexington in West Hollywood sits the Original Cannabis Cafe. The first cannabis cafe in America, the OG Cannabis Cafe, opened in 2019 and makes for a delightful respite from the world where you can relax, enjoy a carefully curated selection of the best cannabis in California, and dine on some delicious fare. Consisting of a varied combination of staple dishes and modern-day munchies, Chef Andrea Drummer surely satisfies the wide range of appetites that get worked up within the walls of the cannabis cafe. Chef Drummer also offers options for vegan guests, and if you’d like to take your dining experience to even higher heights, you can ask to infuse any dish with 25mg of THC for a nominal fee.

Some of the Canndescent Team met for a brief team brunch at the Cannabis Cafe before the day started. Once we were seated, we received two menus - the food menu, as well as the cannabis menu. It was explained to our group that two different people would be attending to our table - the food server and the flower host - and to remain compliant with CA state law, each would be paid for separately.

We browsed through the menus, ordered the cheese grilled breakfast burrito and chilaquiles with our food server, and chose a Cruise pre-roll through our flower host to help us set the tone for the day by putting us in a euphoric, stress-free state. Our flower host disappeared and shortly returned after that, hand-delivering our pre-roll to the table on a tray with all the items we might need, including an ashtray and matches.

As we passed the pre-roll around at our table outside, we were able to take in the ambiance. The laid-back coziness of the open-air patio makes it easy to understand how groups can easily spend their whole 90 minute seating time lingering and laughing - it almost feels as if we were transported to someone’s backyard.

By the time we finished our first pre-roll, our food had arrived. Our attention quickly turned from the decor and ambiance to savoring the delicious flavors in front of us. The breakfast burrito and chilaquiles made for a satisfying pairing and ultimately left us craving another reason to visit the cafe so we could enjoy the other items on the menu like the vegan nachos or fried chicken sandwich. We spent our remaining time at the cafe leisurely enjoying our last pre-roll, breezily chatting and laughing. We left, riding a wave of our Cruise effect - happy, satisfied, and optimistic about the day ahead of us.

Open daily from 10 am - 10 pm, the Original Cannabis Cafe is the perfect place to help you get your day started and is a must-see for those that also want a community with their cannabis consumption.


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